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The show room of the museum is situated in the South wing of the University on the floorage of 800m2.

16200 samples are now stored in the museum stocks, half of which are exposed in 7 expositions: “Taxonomy”, “Petrography”, “Mineral Resources”, “Crystallography”, “Regional Mineralogy”, “Genetic Mineralogy – Individuals and Aggregates” and “Memorial Collections”.

The main purpose of the exhibits of the samples is the education of the students from the “Mineralogy, Petrography and Mineral Resources” department. The order of the show cases is strictly subordinated to the syllabuses. Samples of great museum’s and collector’s value take part in those exhibits, such as:

  • Minerals found for the first time in Bulgaria;
  • Samples from already depleted Bulgarian and foreign deposits;
  • Samples from the private collections of eminent Bulgarian geologists;
  • Samples researched and described in books, textbooks and articles written by lecturers and students from the faculty.

The museum gives its show room to visiting exhibitions on themes connected to geology, University’s educative work, collectors and fans of the mineralogy, student practice and studies.